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Logistical Marketing
At Logistical Marketing Inc., we strive to provide our clients with superior marketing and research based strategies and findings to surpass their marketing goals. From profiling customers to creating and testing new logos, Logistical Marketing provides an all-encompassing service to help businesses increase sales and ROI.

Logistical Marketing also provides solutions for public entities, developers, builders and realtors, including market studies, land use development, site selection, housing studies, and, of course, target marketing endeavors.

We specialize in Boise Maps and Reports, Branding & Logos, Building Permits, Customer Maps, Customer Profiling, Data Mining, Database Management, Database Marketing, Demographics, Direct Mail Design & Testing, Direct Marketing, Lifestyle Segmentation, List Hygiene, Mailing Lists, Marketing, Psychographics, Real Estate Maps, Site Selection, Surveys, and Target Marketing.

What is LoGIStical Marketing?

We incorporate cutting edge, scientific technology (Geographic Information Systems/GIS) with traditional marketing techniques to help companies of any size advance their strategic marketing plans. Learn why major corporations rely heavily on GIS in their marketing campaigns.
Our clients are often surprised when we present the answers to their questions!

Let us help you answer these questions, and more:

1. Who are my customers? Where are they? What makes them tick?

2. Are my marketing materials reaching the right audience in the right format?

3. Does ethnicity matter? Age? Gender?
Income? Proximity? Lifestyle?

4. Where is my competition?

Our Process

At Logistical Marketing, Inc., we don’t leave our clients with a pile of spreadsheets and graphs. We go beyond the presentation of our results: We assist our clients with benchmarking, strategic planning, and testing marketing campaigns. We work directly with internal and external key stakeholders to bring your data to fruition.
We typically offer the following complete project management process:
1. Database/List Cleanup and Conversion – Need a database or list cleaned up or converted to another format?  We specialize in removing duplicates using Merge Purge, Address Validation and Certification services.

2. Data Analysis – Examine customer data; identify trends, patterns and statistics using the powerful tools of GIS, multivariate analysis and predictive modeling.

3. Survey Marketing Materials – Are they appropriate? Can they be enhanced to increase customer effectiveness?

4. Develop Action Plan – We provide a dynamic multi-media presentation of meaningful results that can be implemented.

5. Campaign Deployment (Information Technologies, Marketing, Design, etc.) to redirect marketing resources and refine marketing techniques.  We can set up direct mail, email and texting campaigns to increase ROI and reduce costs.

6. Benchmark and TEST, TEST, TEST future marketing campaigns.

Other Services

In addition to complete project management, we offer the following services:
Database/List Cleanup & Conversion
Postal Certification (CASS, NCOA), Merge Purge (Duplicate removal), A/B Testing & Predictive Modeling.
Mailing Lists:
We can assist you in ordering and/or refining a mailing list with your carefully targeted customers in mind.
Custom Mapping:
Thematic maps, sized to your specifications, branded with your company logo. Popular themes include retail locations, competitors’ locations, and demographics.
Statistical Analysis:
Eliminate the guesswork from marketing. Customer data is a crucial tool in marketing when it is statistically measured and portrayed. With the proper statistical analysis, seemingly meaningless data can come alive. Charts and maps can turn database and spreadsheet data into useable information.
Safety Awareness Programs:
We specialize in helping utility companies put together precise and efficient safety awareness programs by mapping transmission networks and identifying businesses and residents that need to be contacted, per safety guidelines. Mailing lists and maps are created for all target addresses, which can then be handed off for direct mail programs. This entire process will save your organization money and a lot of time dealing with complicated issues.
Real Estate Development:
We have experience in providing custom demographics for targeted rural and urban areas to assist developers in decision making (setting housing prices, retail selection, finding a target audience, etc.).
LoGIStical Marketing, Inc. will help you stay one step ahead of the competition!
Contact us for a complimentary phone consultation to determine how the power of GIS, data mining and testing of direct marketing materials can help you exceed your goals!
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